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Chairman and CEO, Western Balkans Consulting Global Group
Graduated engineer with master's degree in electrical engineering. He is international expert for strategic planning, a foresighter in international environmental policy, renewable energy, environmental&energy security and circular economy.

Over the past two decades, particularly as the Head of the Economic and Environmental Department at the OSCE, he had actively contributed to the institutional development and capacity building of Serbia, concerning environment, energy security, and renewable energy. He played a key role in setting-up the foundations for environmental legislation in Serbia and in institutional development (i.e. setting up the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in 2001 and its regaining in 2007). In 2001, he instigated the reconciliation process between Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina within the Sava Initiative, where recognized needs to resolve common environmental issues were used to start cooperation between countries, also in other areas. Since 2003, he has been involved in promoting renewable energy sources and the 3E concept (Energy, Economy & Environment). He has participated in numerous international multilateral and bilateral processes and initiatives under the auspices of OSCE and cooperated with numerous international organizations and financial institutions (UN, OECD, CoE, EU, NATO, ICRC, GIZ, SDC, WB, EBRD, EIB, etc.).

He initiated the establishment of business incubators (start-ups) throughout Serbia in 2003, where the most successful one evolved into Zvezdara Technology Park, in Belgrade. Since 2009, he has been engaged in projects related to renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, environmental consulting, and structural solutions in these areas. In 2014, he proposed an update to the platform for Serbia's OSCE chairmanship for the early warning systems and natural disaster management. In collaboration with GIZ, he began, in 2014, intensive work on promoting the concept of the circular economy, emphasizing its efficiency as a multilayer platform of the fourth industrial revolution and being it pragmatic approach to sustainable development policies. In 2018, he led a project with Wuppertal Institute, RWTH Aachen (Germany), and Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) to promote European circular economy experiences to Serbia, where key deliverable was exquisite blockchain framework platform for monitoring and managing waste flows (the GREENCHAIN). In 2019, for the PLAC III EU project, he conducted an ex-ante analysis of the possibilities for establishing a circular economy concept in Serbia. During 2021 to 2023, he was involved in number of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) projects: promoting results of the GIZ three years’ Climate Sensitive Waste Management Program, further on, in developing tools for the green transformation of Eastern Serbia, by producing four RES Guidebooks for the end users in cross-border area of Serbia and Bulgaria (within COOPeR Interreg IPA CBC Program) and creating scenarios and coordinating design of video promotional material for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Campaign for the National Academy for Public Authorities. In 2023/24 he was engaged as Key Waste Management Expert for developing 2nd Green Bond Impact Assessment report, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and other relevant line ministries in Serbia.

Currently, he is involved in developing business opportunities, strategic planning in circular economy and in harmonizing Serbian regulations with EU standards. He is also actively working on projects’ implementation, with regards to renewable energy (e.g. the largest wind park project in Serbia, initiated in 2007) and in development projects for solar power plants and deep digitization in waste management (using block chain technology). Additionally, he is fostering practical solutions for the circular economy, especially in the recycling of hazardous waste (organic solvents) and energy efficiency (promotion of thermal insulation paints for construction and industry).

He is a member of several socially engaged initiatives.