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Member of the Executive Board, Eurobank Direktna
Milan Vićentić joined Eurobank in 2015 as an Executive Board Member in charge of the Corporate Banking Division, leasing activities (President of BoD of ERB Leasing) and property business of IMO PROPERTY d.o.o.(president of Supervisory Board). 

In his capacity as a Head of Corporate Banking Division, he is managing large domestic clients, key international clients, midmarket (with 5 Regional Centers in Serbia), cooperation with IFIs and leasing. Due to performance of his team, Eurobank has been awarded by EBRD as the most active issuing bank in Serbia for the 7th year in a row for Trade Facilitation Program (TFP). 
Eurobank Serbia is recognized as one of the leading lending banks in the real estate and hospitality market, boasting several landmarks projects.

He is in banking industry for 20 years. Under his previous capacity, he held executive and managerial positions in Societe Generale Bank Serbia and HVB/Unicredit bank.
Milan holds MSc in Foreign and Domestic trade from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University