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Executive Director, Center for Democracy
Fields of Experience and Accomplishments:
Government – 13 years of experience in legislative branch, including leading positions, knowledge of functioning of democratic institutions, EU integration and accession negotiations, policy analysis; Monitoring of public policies, strategy development and legal framework, with legislative procedure knowledge; International experience – nine years’ experience in a complex international environment, with holding leading positions: regulatory, monitoring on human rights, democracy and the rule of law, diplomatic missions; 

Center for Democracy Foundation (CDF)                 Belgrade, Serbia
•    Founder and Secretary General and Executive Director (1994 to present)
•    CDF Representative in the Programmatic Council of National Convention of the EU (NCEU) where she coordinates the Working group for Chapters 2 and 19 (migration of workers / social policy and employment); Coordinator of the cross sectorial Working Group on the Berlin Process (since January 2021); 
•    CDF Representative in the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS, Brussels)
European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA), Strasbourg, France
•    Member of the Governing Board since 2020

Member of the National Parliament, Republic of Serbia (NAPS), (2007 -2020)    
•    Member: Committee on European Integration (2007 -2020), Committee on Labour and Social Issues (2016-2020), Committee on Judiciary (2016 -2020), Foreign Affairs Committee (in 2007, 2008-2012, 2016 - 2020); 
•    Chair of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party (2015-2016) 
•    President of the Committee on European Integration (2013-2014): Led the process drafting/adoption of the Resolution “The Role of the NAPS and Principles in the Negotiations on the Accession of the Republic of Serbia to the EU”, enabling the parliamentary oversight of the EU accession negotiations; 
Chamber of Citizens, Federal Parliament of the FRY / Serbia and Montenegro        Belgrade, Serbia
•    Advisor for International Cooperation at the office of the Speaker (October 2000 - March 2004): 

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Member (2007-2016) Strasbourg, France
•    PACE Rapporteur on Turkey (2015-2016): Conducted dialogue with authorities and civil society; Drafted report and resolution 2121 (2016) on Functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey; 
•    Chair, Committee on Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs (Jan 2013-Jan 2015): Ex officio member of the PACE Bureau and the Standing Committee; Key contributor to launching of the PACE Anti-corruption platform. 
•    Vice Chair, Committee on Election of Judges to the European Court of Human Rights - ECHR (2016): Participated in interviewing the candidates for judges for the ECHR; 
•    Member, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights (2007-2016): Rapporteur on Transparency of European Institutions and Promoting Alternatives to Imprisonment; 
•    First Vice-President of the Socialist Group in PACE (2012-2016): assisted in planning / coordination of the Group with approx.180 members).
•    Vice President of the Parliamentary Assembly (2012): chaired the plenary debates, ex officio member of the PACE Bureau and the Standing Committee; 

Formal education:
•    Centre Européen Universitaire de Nancy, France : D.E.S.E. Certificat Specialist of European Law (2005)
•    Ministry of Justice, Republic of Serbia: Bar examination (1994)
•    Law School of the University of Belgrade, Diploma – Bachelor of Law, Belgrade (1990)
Other Education and Training Programs 
•    Ecole National d ’Administration (ENA), Paris (2004): Program for Public Servants on Parliamentary Procedures
•    Canadian Human Rights Foundation; International Human Rights Training Program me (1996)
•    U.S. Congress (Washington, D.C, USA): Assistant in congressional offices at the House of Representatives and the Senate (1991)

•    Awarded with the Assembly Medal by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and received the title of the Honorary Associate of the Assembly (2017)
•    Awarded French medal National Order of Merit (“Ordre National du Mérite”) in the class of Knight (2014) 
•    Member of the Serbian Bar Association since 1994
•    Published articles in Serbian newspapers, magazines and web sites; Lectured at Regional School for Public Administration – ReSPA Summer School (2017-2018) and other institutions; 

•    Fluent in English and French; Serbian as native language;