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VUKOVIĆ Vlastimir
President of the Executive Board, NLB Komercijalna banka
Vlastimir Vuković́ has been the Chief Executive Officer of NLB Komercijalna banka since the legal merger of NLB and Komercijalna banka, that was completed in April 2022.

He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Komercijalna banka in February 2021 in order to manage one of the most demanding processes in the Serbian financial sector and beyond – the integration of Komercijalna banka with NLB Banka and NLB Group.

During his work in the financial and banking sector that spans more than two decades Vlastimir Vuković gained the experience and expertise for the complex process of merging different systems, corporate cultures and values, but also the best business practices and solutions for clients of both banks.

He arrived at the position of the Chief Executive Officer of Komercijalna banka having worked for seven years at the position of a member of the Executive Board of NLB Banka-CMO, in charge of commercial and development function, both in the segment of retail and corporate banking.

Previously, he was a member of the Executive Board of Banca Intesa in charge of the Retail banking and was also the Deputy CEO-CMO of Vojvođanska banka and the CEO of Intesa Leasing.

Vlastimir Vuković was also the President of the Association of Serbian Leasing Companies as well as the first chairman of the Leasing and Insurance Committee of the Foreign Investors Council.

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Subotica and obtained his master’s degree from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade he is fluent in english.

He is currently a member of the management boards of the Serbian Association of Managers, the Slovenian Business Club and the Association of Banks of Serbia; he is a member of the presidency of the Association of Economists of Serbia and a member of the supervisory board of Kombank INvest.