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ZADRO Željko
President of Management Board, Viro Sugar Factory
Željko Zadro, Chairman of the Board, was born on May 24, 1971 in Sremska Mitrovica. He graduated in economics and began his professional career in 1996 by starting the company Eos-Z.

For the following four years, he was actively involved in the construction project of building a brewery in Grude, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the world leader in beer production, InBev. In 2000, he transferred to Badel 1862 to the position of business manager.

A year later, he became the managing director of Hospitalije, a company dealing in the supply of drugs and medical products. In April 2006, he transferred to Viro sugar factory, where he performed the duties of a procurator, primarily orienting himself towards strengthening the position of the company on the Croatian market and on the markets of countries outside of the European Union, as well as on increasing the quality of the products.

In March 2008, Željko Zadro was appointed chairman of the board of Viro.