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Member of Supervisory Board, Milšped Group
Nenad has extensive experience in the field of transport and logistics management, developed in almost three decades of work in Milšped Group. On various top management positions he assumed responsibility for the Group global presence and business units expansion to automotive, intermodal, air, sea, train transportation and e-commerce business. During 20 years of career, he took over the responsibility as CEO of Milšped AML, Milšped Group member company, providing transport and distribution services of vehicles  and spare parts throughout Europe, with a focus on Serbia, Slovenia and Germany. He contributed to continuous realization of the highest demands of the leading multinational  car manufacturers  by  leading cross-functional teams and building strong relationships with clients. He is known for his ability to align logistics operations with broader business goals, resulting in increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
As Board Member of Milšped Group and his strong expertise in all logistics fields, Nenad has brought entire business operations of the Group to the higher level.